Rarest Octane skins in Apex Legends

Catch him if you can.

Cosmetic items became the go-to monetization model of the most hit games throughout the last decade. Games like League of Legends, VALORANT, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch,  and Apex Legends all owe some of their success to their engaging business models.

Though skins and battle passes are a massive part of the Apex experience, most cosmetic items in Apex’s early days were simple recolors. Respawn Entertainment picked up the pace once the game was sufficiently stable, and the developer has been pushing out skins that give each legend a completely different vibe.

Octane’s default look does a great job of showcasing his adrenaline addictive personality, but some of the coolest skins in Apex nourished from the young millionaire’s lore. Octane’s rarest skins feature him as a devil, a race car driver, and even a nomad speedster.

We’ve gathered the rarest Octane skins in the game, which will help you flex even further on the battlefield. Some of the following skins may not be available for purchase since they were introduced during limited time events or as a part of a seasonal battle pass. While the battle pass skins are unlikely to make a comeback, the seasonal skins still have a chance of being available during the same time of the year they were released.

Limited-time/seasonal skins

These skins were introduced to Apex during special in-game events or seasonal holiday periods. Most of the limited-time skins were either rewarded for completing a quest or were only obtainable through Apex packs and battle passes.

While an event or battle pass skin will be quite common to see during its respective availability period, it will get noticeably rarer with time. As these skins become scarcer, they’ll also become an excellent way to show off how long you’ve played Apex.


Octane Messenger – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Messenger is possibly the rarest Octane skin since it was introduced with the first Battle Pass of Apex. The rare skin was rewarded to any player reaching battle pass level 48 and featured the legend with a nice hair redo, or a paint job.


Octane Whiplash – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Twitch is a household name when it comes to the streaming world. Apart from being a host website, the platform also works on deals with game developers, like Respawn Entertainment, to come up with promotions that’d increase both sides’ traffic.

Whiplash was included in the Twitch Prime Loot for Apex in August 2019. The rare skin features the legend in worn-out scarlet/black tones, which makes him look like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with if he were to cut in a line in front of you.

Glacial Pace

Octane Glacial Pace – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Adrenaline and speed are mostly associated with warmer colors that tend to be red, green, or orange. Glacial Pace features Octane in colder colors that make him look like the fastest man in the arctic.

This rare skin was introduced with the third season’s battle pass and was one of the first entry rewards at level one.


Octane Exo – Weave – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex is a cross-platform game, and this enables Respawn to work on platform-specific promotion deals that can award certain cosmetic items.

Exo-Weave was up for grabs for all the Playstation Plus subscribers during February 2020. If you don’t own a PlayStation 4, it also makes this rare skin the most expensive skin on our list since you’d need to buy the console to at least have a chance of obtaining it.

You can also ask a friend who owns a PS4 but doesn’t play Apex to claim it for you the next time a similar deal comes around.

White Lightning

Octane White Lightning – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Collection events introduce some of the coolest skins in Apex, which are also the hardest to obtain. Though rare skins have a higher chance to drop from event loot boxes as opposed to epic and legendary ones, it’s still a test of luck. Some fan-favorite event cosmetics tend to get reintroduced to the in-game shop, so checking the shop once a day can be a great idea if you don’t like loot boxes.

The White Lightning skin was added to Apex as a part of the Lost Treasures Collection event in June 2020. While the skin keeps Octane’s core characteristic, the white tones also make him look like Godspeed of DC Comics.

Hot Pursuit

Octane Hot Pursuit – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Hot Pursuit was added to Apex during the Legendary Hunt, one of the first events in the game’s history. 

Despite not featuring any groundbreaking elements, the Hot Pursuit epic skin is one of the coolest Octane skins due to its unique color scheme. The way the turquoise color blends in with orange makes him look like a cheetah-human hybrid that is programmed to run.


Octane Wildfire – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Holiday events bring the best out of Apex. Not only each seasonal skin is a tribute to remember the old times, but they’re also a great way to kindle the holiday spirit in the game.

Wildfire features the hectic speedster in the classic Halloween shades of orange and black. The epic skin does a great job keeping it simple, and Octane just looks like someone who is too cool for costumes but still enjoys the holiday.

The skin was added to the game during the Fight or Fright event in October 2019.

Jade Tiger

Octane Jade Tiger – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Jade Tiger skin was added to Apex as a part of the season two battle pass. The legendary cosmetic unlocked as the reward of the 75th level of the pass.

While Octane would definitely win against a tiger in a race, he becomes a tiger himself thanks to the mythical green colors of the Jade Tiger skin. The helmet completes the look, and Octane almost looks like a statue made from emerald.

Laughing Fool

Octane Laughing Fool – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Octane mains will know that the spoiled runner also has a great sense of humor. It may not be enough to entertain others, but he can surely crack himself up.

The Laughing Fool skin was introduced to Apex during the 2019 Black Friday sale and the skin unlockable with 1,800 Apex Coins, the in-game currency of Apex that players can obtain through paying IRL money. 

The legendary cosmetic item features Octane as an evil-looking jester. His shoulder pieces give him a majestic vibe, while his shoes make it look like he’s counting minutes to get out of his costume.


Octane Dasher – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

No matter what the event is, Respawn tries to keep the core characteristic of a legend intact. Still, it would be almost impossible not to become a bit goofy during Christmas, the jolliest period of the year.

The Dasher skin features Octane as a deer. Considering how fast he is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to send all of Santa’s deer to retirement. This legendary cosmetic item was available through the Holo Day Bash that took place in December 2019.


Octane Clocktane – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fans of steampunk, hold onto your wallets. The Clocktane skin turns Octane into a badass steampunk villain that looks like a ticking time bomb.

The skin was available to purchase for 1,800 Apex Coins during the Grand Soiree event, which took place in January 2020.

Arachnoid Rush

Octane Arachnoid Rush – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

If you were ever wondering how fast Octane could run in real life, picture someone who is afraid of spiders walking into a room filled with them.

The Arachnoid Rush skin almost turns Octane into an alternative Spider-man villain, possibly infected with the symbiote. The legendary cosmetic is given to anyone who buys the Octane Edition of Apex, which also comes with 2,150 Apex coins and multiple other skins.

You can purchase the Octane bundle via PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Origin.


Octane XL-R8 – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

If any Octane main were to dream a skin that made him look like a futuristic terminator that traveled back through time for revenge, it would probably look like the XL-R8.

The skin was added to the game alongside the System Override event during March 2020. It features Octane as a Robot that doesn’t get one bit tired from all the running.

Locked skins

The following skins own their rarity status purely because of their high entry prices, making obtaining them both an expensive and time-consuming process.

Owning one of these will show how dedicated you’re as an Octane main and will surely strike fear to the hearts of anyone who knows their cosmetic items.

Red Shift

The color red just has a way with anyone or anything that goes fast. The Flash, a Ferrari car, and Octane all look perfect in scarlet tones.

The Red Shift skin features the runner in a full-on antique-looking red armor. This also makes him look like a samurai, and you’ll need to have the El Diablo skin first to have a shot at unlocking this one.

If you have that box checked, unlocking Red Shift will cost you 10,500 Legend Tokens, which are only obtained through leveling up.

Extreme Measures

If Octane wasn’t a full-time legend, he could pull off being a dirt biker. With its action-packed nature, it would be a perfect daytime job for the runner.

Extreme Measures dresses Octane as a racer with a helmet, which is surprising considering his personality. Unlocking this skin requires players to pre-purchase The Victory Lap skin and an additional 10,500 Legendary Tokens.

Holeshot Hotshot

Holeshot Hotshot skin is practically the same as Extreme Measures but features more white-ish tones with less purple.

Unlike Extreme Measures, you’ll need the Gold Rush skin to make this one unlockable. An additional 10,500 Legendary Tokens will also be necessary to complete the transaction.

Surplus Acceleration

The Speed Demon skin features cold tones of blue which sort of takes away from the cosmetic’s demon aspect. Surplus Acceleration has Octane looking with a more sinister face expression with more greens than darker shades.

Players will need 10,500 Legendary Tokens on top of the Speed Demon to add this skin to their library.