Olympus will join Kings Canyon in Apex Legends’ map rotation on Feb. 9

Kings Canyon's exclusivity is now one week, not two.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Kings Canyon’s stranglehold on Apex Legends’ map rotation will now last just one week instead of two, Respawn Entertainment announced today.

For season eight, the new obliterated version of Kings Canyon has been the only map in rotation since the new content became available on Feb. 2. It was set to last for two weeks, but Respawn has apparently changed its mind.

The maps rotation every so often in Trios and Duos will return on Feb. 9 now, instead of Feb. 16 like originally scheduled. This will freshen things up for players everywhere who may already be getting bored with just one map to play.

Earlier in the week, Respawn announced that World's Edge won't return in ranked mode until after the season ends. Right now, Kings Canyon is playable in the first split and Olympus will be in the second split.

The full list of initial season eight hot fixes can be found below:

  • Fixed an error stopping players in Belgium from purchasing the Battle Pass (Note: the button will still say "Unavailable", but clicking it will let you purchase the Battle Pass. A client patch later will fix the button still saying "Unavailable")
  • Fixed an edge case where the gas from Caustic's ultimate would persist even after his squad was eliminated
  • Fixed an exploit letting players block damage from grenades by dropping items on top of them.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Fuse's tactical ability to do damage through shields
  • Reduced likelihood of late-game circles ending on Mirage Voyage and The Pit in Kings Canyon.