Next-gen update seems imminent for Apex Legends

The wait might finally be over.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Console players have long waited for Apex Legends’ next-gen update, which was delayed from its original 2021 release date that the developers tentatively targeted. It appears those players won’t have to wait much longer, however.

A tweet from PlayStation Game Size earlier today tells players to look out for an 80 GB PS5 version of Apex, which seems to indicate that the next-gen update could be right around the corner.

Players have been able to play Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but the game generally feels the same on those consoles as it does on the last generation of consoles since the title is only available via backward compatibility. Chief among the next-gen upgrades players can look forward to is a considerable boost in frame rate. Apex on console tops out at 60 fps. The next-gen version of the game, however, promises a considerably higher frame rate, with the devs targeting 120 fps for the newest machines.

Respawn’s devs have been clear over the last several months that the next-gen update would come in 2022. And thanks to some files data mined by Shrugtal in November, it seemed that the update was imminent and could possibly coincide either with a season 11 event or the season 12 update.

Now, with the most concrete evidence yet that the next-gen update is coming soon, the season 12 date seems most likely. And with the next-gen update out of the way so early in the year, the reported 2022 target date for console cross-progression to arrive in Apex seems more likely as well.

Fear not, console warriors: Your frame rates will soon be buttery smooth and your resolutions will be so sharp you can cut your finger on them.