New Apex hack allows players to dual-wield weapons

The akimbo perk lives on?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While many players in Apex Legends’ upper echelons have spent the majority of season 12 thus far taking issue with the way Bangalore’s smoke ability works, there’s more blatant cheating afoot in the popular battle royale. And this one is straight out of Call of Duty.

Akimbo R-99s. Yep. Reddit user Rockingjman posted the video of them spectating the dual-wielding culprit because it’s obviously frustrating to die to a player doing this.

Clearly, this is some sort of hack and not an intentional addition to the game to add something akin to CoD’s famous attachment or the Borderlands gunzerker trademark ability. And, well, it shreds. It turns out you don’t need to aim down sights very much if you can just fill the air with bullets.

This particular hack still allows users to heal with a gun out as well. You can see the player use a shield battery while one of the R-99s remains out. This hack seems to be gaining popularity recently as well. Videos have emerged on social media of players dual-wielding all sorts of weapon combinations.

The Wingman, the R-99, and any gun that takes the Hammerpoint hop-up all seem to be popular with the dual-wielding crowd. But other players have been spotted using submachine guns and assault rifles as well. 

The logical end to this hack is, of course, a Bangalore player running around, throwing a smoke down at her feet whenever a fight breaks out, and then pulling out their two Krabers to begin spamming them at whatever unlucky soul they might face. So, let’s hope this hack gets addressed before we see that happen.