Mad Maggie’s drill can be attached to Crypto’s drone in Apex

Coming in hot.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

With so many abilities that can interact, it’s no surprise that Apex Legends has its fair share of shenanigans as players try to figure out new ways to wreak havoc in the Outlands. One particularly fruitful ability for these players is Crypto’s tactical, the Surveillance Drone he lovingly refers to as “Hack.”

Any Apex player can tell you that the drone is able to fly around and reveal the positions of other players. Some, however, like to use the drone for more… creative purposes.

Reddit user hotntasty_ took advantage of Mad Maggie’s tactical ability, Riot Drill, and the way it’s specifically designed to go through objects by shooting it directly at a friendly Crypto drone. The drone, which can take damage from enemies, apparently can also serve as an anchor point for the Riot Drill.

And thus, the flying flamethrower of death was born.

This isn’t the first time players have used Crypto’s drone for more nefarious purposes than usual. Most notably, some players in season seven discovered that Rampart could place Sheila on a friendly Crypto drone, allowing the Crypto to fly her around at high speeds while she freely shot at enemies. Thankfully, the developers quickly patched that out of the game.

The moveable Maggie drill is most likely possible with one other ability in the game at the moment, albeit with a much slower pace, since she can use the drill on Newcastle’s Mobile Shield as well. It’s not quite as deadly as the fast-moving Crypto drone but can be a useful tool when entering a contested building.

There’s not really a lesson for players to learn here, outside of “shoot the drone” whenever you see a flying stream of flame coming your way. And if you can’t shoot the drone, well, you now know what to start practicing in the game next.