LIVE. DIE. LIVE. returns to Apex Legends as part of the September Soiree

Say goodbye to respawn beacons.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The last mode in Apex Legends’ September Soiree is now live. Players can dive into LIVE. DIE. LIVE., an LTM that spruces up how squad members get back in the fight, until Oct. 6.

In the limited-time mode, dead players will automatically respawn on their squadmates at the end of each round, provided that at least one member of the team is alive—and running away from the ring (or even toward it, in certain situations) may make the difference between having a full squad or not.

LIVE. DIE. LIVE’s return is part of the September Soiree, a four-week rotation of limited-time modes that change every Tuesday. The festivities emulate the Grand Soiree that took place at the beginning of the year, with a new LTM every other day.

The September Soiree marked the return of four limited-time modes to Apex: Kings Canyon After Dark, Armed and Dangerous, DUMMIEs Big Day, and LIVE. DIE. LIVE, with a new one every week.

The first mode in the Soiree was DUMMIEs Big Day, but Respawn removed the mode shortly after its comeback due to a game-breaking bug that caused server crashes.

The limited-time mode was replaced by Kings Canyon After Dark, a nighttime version of season one Kings Canyon complete with Skull Town, the Thunderdome, and Relay—areas that were removed as part of the season five map update.

The Soiree saw the return of Armed and Dangerous, a mode that only allows players to use shotguns and snipers. Like DUMMIEs Big Day, Respawn encountered some issues with the limited-time mode after players found the Volt SMG in the loot pool but patched out the bug two days after the LTM launched.

DUMMIEs Big Day made a return to Apex last week after Respawn fixed the server crash issues. The limited-time mode only lets players choose from the dummies in the firing range and every character has the exact same skillset: a passive, a tactical that spawns random loot, and an ultimate that can have one of three effects.