How to watch Code Red: Apex Legends tournament

$50,000 is up for grabs.

Image via Code Red

BoomTV is back again with yet another Apex Legends Code Red tournament.

This time, 20 teams will fight it out for a whopping $50,000. The winning team will go home with $15,000.

The tournament features several familiar faces, such as Dr Disrespect, shroud, Seagull, and Skadoodle. The tournament will include a total of 60 players. Teams will score one point for each kill they pick up. After six rounds, the scores will then be tallied.

Here’s everything you need to know about the March 9 edition of Code Red, including the teams, format, prize pool, and schedule.


1)Rogue, xcudie, Sapphirefk
2)Bcjump, Pjeh, Catzilla
3)Vsnz, Rprx, Br00d
4)Syncedez, Skadoodle, Seagull
5)Kandyrew, Nokokopuffs, Lurtea
6)GubbaTV, Xchocobars, CovertGG
7)StaycationTG, Kobi, 1girth
8)Galm, SmookQT, Moderntryhard
9)Imaqtpie, Shiphtur, Senzeeh
10)Pokelawls, M0xyy, Overpoweredow
11)Ninjayla, Draynilla, Casper
12)Katgunn, Dcop, Masternook
13)Glitterxplosion, Reps, Harrishheller
14)Huskerrs, Tannerslays, CalamitiTV
15)Lululuvely, Snip3down, Crowder
16)Nicewigg, Daltoosh, Jonny
17)Tsquared, ShivFPS, Knoqd
18)Trick2G, Tennp0, Yassuo
19)Grego, Averageaden, Aniemal
20)Dr Disrespect, Shroud, Bnans


  • Twenty teams (60 total players)
  • Six rounds in custom game lobbies
  • Each elimination is worth one point
  • No placement points
  • No respawn farming

If points are tied after six rounds, tiebreakers are:

1) Total number of rounds won.

2) Player with highest individual eliminations across all rounds (if still tied, compare second highest from both teams, etc.).

Prize pool

  • Total: $50,000
  • First: $15,000 
  • Second: $12,000 
  • Third: $6,000 
  • Fourth: $4,400
  • Fifth: $3,300
  • Sixth: $2,700
  • Seventh: $2,100
  • Eighth: $1,800
  • Ninth: $1,500
  • 10th: $1,200


Code Red’s Apex Legends tournament kicks off on Monday, March 9 at 3pm CT.

Where to watch

The tournament is available to watch on the official BoomTV website or alternatively on each of the participants’ individual streams.