How does the Apex Legends rank reset work and when do ranks reset?

Your guide for ranked resets.

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Your rank in Apex Legends is a matter of prestige within the game. High ranks are a sign both of your skill and of your commitment to playing the game since the higher ranks are difficult to achieve for most players without committing significant time and effort to the game’s ranked mode. Achieving higher ranks also comes with special cosmetic rewards that players can unlock, further demonstrating their mastery of the game.

But all the gains you make in ranked are on something of a timer. Apex ranked uses a ranked points system where entering a game costs a player points and they can either lose the full amount for a poor finish or gain points depending on their placement and their kills. And, on a regular basis, all the ranks in the game are given a soft reset, knocking players down a couple of tiers to give everyone something to grind for again.

If you’re a ranked veteran, you’re probably already accustomed to this process. But for those who are new to Apex, seeing your rank suddenly drop drastically can be confusing and even angering. Thankfully, the game makes it clear when the next reset is coming and how much time you have left every split.

Here’s everything you need to know about ranked resets in Apex.

How ranked splits and ranked resets work in Apex Legends

Every season of Apex lasts for about three months, and within each season of Apex, there are two ranked splits. These ranked splits will occur on different maps and will each take up half of the season, meaning each split goes on for six weeks of time.

At the beginning of every new season and at the midway part of each season, a soft reset of every player’s rank occurs. This doesn’t mean that your rank goes all the way back down to the bottom of the ladder, however. Everyone gets moved down 1.5 tiers. So, if you end one ranked split in Platinum II, you’ll begin the next split in Gold IV. 

There are two exceptions to this rule. One is if you’re a new player who has climbed out of Rookie and into Bronze. Once you’ve gotten out of the Rookie rank, you cannot enter it again and the lowest possible rank you can be reset to is Bronze IV. The other exception is at the other end of the ladder. Unlike all the other ranks, there is no upwards cap on how much RP players can earn in the Apex Predator ranking since it is simply the top 750 players in the world. While Predator is a real rank, for the purposes of the ranked resets, it counts as being part of Masters. Even Predators get moved down to Platinum II to start a new ranked split just the same as the lowest Masters player, even though it seems like those players are moved down 2.5 tiers instead of 1.5.

So, you know a ranked split lasts for six weeks, and you know how much your rank will be reset. But how can you tell how much time you have left in a ranked split? The game actually tells you every time you play ranked.

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In the game mode select tab, you’ll see “X days left” listed just below your rank and just above the “Ranked Leagues” text. This way, you know exactly how long you have left until your rank is reset and how much you’ll need to grind to get the rank you really want.