Here are all the playable maps for Apex’s Arenas

It's a three-vs-three face-off on locations new and old.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends: Legacy brought about the newest and most innovative way to play Respawn’s first-person shooter, bucking the battle royale trend for a more focused and intense three-vs-three mode.

Reminiscent of FPS games of the past, Arenas pits two teams of three against each other while having to use credits to buy every piece of their loadout, including weapons, skills, attachments, grenades, and healing items. And it’s a blast.

Some of Arenas’ maps are specifically designed with the three-vs-three mode in mind, while others have been taken from the game’s battle royale locations and shrunken down. Either way, there’s a lot of fun to be had in Arenas.

Here are all of the maps in Apex’s Arenas mode so far, with more likely to be added in future seasons.

Party Crasher

Screengrab via EA

Party Crasher is a symmetrical, beautiful location that offers long sight lines and close-up encounters alike. Taking hold of the high ground in the middle of the map is a key.

“While taking the Mirage Voyage on a joyride through the former IMC controlled hotspot Kómma on planet Solace, Mirage lost control of the ship and crashed it into a plaza,” the map’s description reads. “Any other person would have spent the rest of their life paying the bill for such a blunder, but since this once thriving city full of gambling, clubs, and home to various questionable activities has become a ghost town, Mirage, the Apex Legend he is, struck a deal with the current owners. With support of the upcoming Arenas matches, Mirage cleared his debt by assisting to reignite the city and put it back on the map.”

Phase Runner

Screengrab via EA

Set on Olympus, Phase Runner is another awesome new location added to the game in Apex Legends: Legacy.

“The Phase Runner on Olympus is unique, but it wasn’t the first of its kind: the Outlands scientific community had to test the technology before it was safe to install on Lilian Peck’s intellectual paradise,” the map’s description reads. “They built a research center in a remote section of Talos where they tested a truncated prototype of the Phase Runner. It has long since been abandoned, but the prototype remains intact and functional. Disagreements with ownership of the property has provided Arenas with the repeated opportunity to host matches without disruption.”


Image via EA

Apex: Emergence added Overflow, a three-lane map with lava as the core feature.

“After trace amounts of Branthium were discovered in magma flows on Talos, Hammond Robotics began aggressively pursuing various means of mining it. One was an automated processing rig–officially referred to as Hephaestus Station, it’s affectionately referred to as Overflow. It hasn’t seen any human activity for the majority of its operation, but after its spacious platforms caught the eyes of the Arenas organizers, it began doing double-duty as an industrial mining operation and a site for chaotic combat.”


Screengrab via EA

“Found on the planet Boreas, Encore is the Arena where Seer made his name. Treated as a cursed outcast after being blamed for his planet’s moon being struck by a meteor, he slowly gathered a following of outsiders who would come to watch him compete. Over time, the Encore Arena became more and more designed to reflect the style of its star competitor.”

Artillery, Thermal Station, Golden Gardens, and more

Screengrab via EA

The other maps are on rotation and are taken directly from existing battle royale maps in the game. Season 10 added Hillside Outpost from King’s Canyon, Dome from World’s Edge, and Oasis from Olympus, too.

“As the underground bloodsport of the Outlands, Arenas knows how to host a match almost anywhere,” EA’s official website reads. “In addition to bespoke locations, three bi-weekly rotating maps take place on points of interest across the Outlands. Test your skills on Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, Golden Gardens from Olympus and more!”