Ghost Gaming exits Apex Legends esports

Is this the first of many departures to come?

Apex Legends devs
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ghost Gaming appears to be leaving the Apex Legends esports scene.

Former Ghost Gaming player Peyton “peesh” Schutz tweeted that he and his teammates were “kicked from Ghost for their disbelief in the game’s success as an esport.”

The squad, which consisted of Christopher “Jay3” Pavloff, Chris Brown, Marshall Mohr, and peesh, is looking for new organizations to represent in the wake of Ghost’s decision.

As a part of Ghost Gaming, the team competed in minor events, such as UMG Legends Series and the APEX.PRO NA League. They failed to find much success, however. Their best placing to date came in the UMG Legends Series #3, where they finished second overall.

It seems like Ghost Gaming, as well as other organizations that created Apex teams based on its hype earlier this year, are slowly getting disheartened by the game’s lack of a major esports scene. Ghost’s decision to pull out of Apex esports could potentially trigger more organizations to follow suit.

At its peak, millions of players were entering the Apex battlefield. The game has seen a huge decline on Twitch recently, though, as fans and streamers revert back to other titles like Fortnite and PUBG.


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