G2 Esports Apex player denies doing misogynist chant at ALGS Championship

The accused parties deny any wrongdoing.

Photo by Bartosz Plotka/Riot Games

In the aftermath of a controversy involving G2 Esports CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez and his decision and statements in regards to hanging out with Andrew Tate, a G2 member has been accused of participating in a misogynist “chant” at the Apex Legends Global Series LAN in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Apex streamer ConfusingQT, who attended the ALGS Championship as a fan and claimed to be sitting near G2 pro Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner, alleges she heard Dezignful participate in a chant alongside other content creators such as Daltoosh, which was changed to be about “Egirls at LAN.” The alleged chant ended with the lines “when they’re dead and long forgotten, we’ll dig them up and fuck them rotten.”

ConfusingQT’s statement concludes by saying she tried to avoid the people involved in the chant for the rest of the tournament. The accusation gained more traction on Twitter today when it was re-posted by Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Lucky.

Following the statement from ConfusingQT and backlash on Twitter, Dezignful responded to the claims, denying he had participated in any “chant,” or that there was a chant involving multiple people in the first place. Instead, Dezignful claims that someone was reciting a toast that they had heard, and that neither he nor any of the people mentioned by ConfusingQT were attempting to chant the toast.

Drac, another content creator mentioned in ConfusingQT’s post, also denied that there was a chant, and corroborated Dezignful’s claim that someone else around the group was reciting a toast that they had heard before. When asked by viewers in his stream if he had participated in any chant, Drac denied any participation, noting that he had lost his voice at the LAN and could barely speak to begin with. Drac also said that if notable Apex community figures were all “chanting” something as bad as what ConfusingQT alleged they had, a recording or other allegations against them of chanting such a thing would have probably emerged earlier, given how many people were around them in the arena.

The accusation from ConfusingQT comes days after Rodriguez filmed himself at a party with Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer and alleged human trafficker. Rodriguez subsequently took a leave of absence from G2 after saying G2 fans were “let down” by his actions.