Cloud9 signs PVPX as first Apex Legends competitor

He's damn good at a few games.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Cloud9 has joined in on the Apex Legends hype, signing its first player today: Jamison “PVPX.”

PVPX’s YouTube channel has more than 68,000 subscribers at time of writing. He has videos on Call of Duty‘s Blackout game mode, Overwatch, and most recently, Apex Legends, showing skill across multiple titles.

Cloud9 is one of many esports organizations to show interest in the battle royale title since its launch on Feb. 4. Respawn Entertainment hasn’t announced official plans for bringing esports to the game, but that hasn’t stopped organizations from signing players. G2 Esports has signed two streamers, including Joshua “PhantomACE” Scrivens, and NRG Esports recruited Cody “dizzy” Meadows just before he won the first Apex Legends tournament hosted by Twitch.

Cloud9 did have a presence in the second iteration of the Twitch Rivals tournament on Apex Legends, with professional battle royale players Justin “Chappie” Andrews and Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez finishing in fifth place and winning $10,800.