Check out this fully-annotated map of Storm Point

One Reddit user is here to help you learn Apex's newest map.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Storm Point, as every Apex Legends player should know by now, is a huge map. The newest Apex playground can be intimidating to figure out, simply due to its sheer size. 

Luckily, one intrepid player set out to make the whole map seem a little bit more manageable for those of us who can’t dedicate 12 hours a day to learning every single nook and cranny.

Reddit user SnaxelZ annotated the Storm Point map fully, expanding the standard map and its named POIs by including minor POI names, as well as a few extra goodies, like taking the liberty to name some of the “spill-off” camps close to major POIs that have no names in the game.

In a game as chaotic as Apex, communication with teammates is important if a player wants to succeed at any competitive level. But while all the battle royale maps in Apex come with named points of interest, there are still plenty of unnamed places that could use names for quick, effective communication. In addition to the competitive benefits, the need to name things gives rise to some of the funnier callouts the game has, such as the beloved “Dorito” buildings of World’s Edge.

Much of SnaxelZ’s original names for unnamed points on the map take cues from Greek mythology, running with the theme of the Hestia, the ruined ship that makes up the Ship Fall POI. They also lovingly renamed the Forbidden Zones prowler camps in the center of the map “Jurassic Park.” That’s fitting given the prowlers’ dinosaur-like qualities, as well as nearly everyone’s natural instinct to start humming the Jurassic Park theme whenever they open up one of the area’s gates.

Elsewhere, the annotated map comes with all of the map’s Gravity Cannons marked out clearly, as well as where each cannon will shoot a player on the map. Moving around such a big map is difficult and time-consuming if you don’t know where these transportation methods are and the game’s map isn’t incredibly clear on where to find your nearest Gravity Cannon. This map solves that problem and even gives you the location of Storm Point’s lone jump tower on the northern edge to boot.

So, whether you’re looking to gain a tiny bit of competitive edge in Apex’s newest setting or you just feel lost looking at it and need some help trying to navigate the thing, this annotated map might just be the best way to acquaint yourself a little further with Storm Point.