Cheater on PC gets into console lobby in Apex

Another day, another person hacking the game.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Cheating has long been an issue in Apex Legends, with cheaters infesting the game’s ranked mode in an attempt to climb ranks quickly. Usually, cheating in ranked is mostly seen in PC lobbies, where achieving a high rank is more prestigious than on console. That didn’t stop one cheater from taking their cheats into console lobbies, however.

Revengeful, a content creator for Fnatic, ran into this cheater while in a ranked lobby. Revengeful and his teammates are all playing on console, meaning there should be no PC players in their lobby. That didn’t stop one cheater on PC from running around Kings Canyon as a solo, however, absolutely obliterating other players. Their R-301 sprays can charitably be described as “suspicious.”

While it’s not surprising to see another cheater in ranked, it is a bit unusual to see one decide to drop into console lobbies. With hacks that allow the cheater to delete other players in the blink of an eye, going to the effort of intentionally hacking or glitching into console lobbies just seems like an unnecessary hassle and possibly makes them even more of a target for Respawn’s anti-cheat and security team. 

Seeing as the player clearly is not confident enough in their own gameplay to, you know, just play the game, they probably counted on console lobbies being a bit easier for them. While the cheater shouldn’t lose too many fights with hacks like this, it’s still possible for them to get third-partied or hit with a well-timed Kraber headshot. Since the best players in the game mostly play on PC, there’s a little less chance of that happening in a console lobby—that, or this person really just felt like griefing some console players’ games that day.

Players like this ruin games for an outsized amount of people and Respawn should act quickly to ban accounts like this one from the game.