Here are the 13 best finishers in Apex Legends

Finish them with these next time.

Image via EA

Apex Legends has arguably the best ways to take out players who are about to die. When a player falls to his or her knees, it means that they are done and need to be revived immediately. It is usually as simple as shooting the player from there, but in Apex Legends, you get to have some fun. By walking up to the dying player and holding a button shown on the screen, a finisher animation will send them to their death. This is essentially a way to add salt to the wound.

Any person who has had a finisher performed on them knows the feeling of hopelessness that immediately follows. It is satisfying to show an opponent that they had no chance of being revived while you were around by performing a finisher on them. Rather than simple bullets to the head, Apex Legends‘ finishers are unique, and other games need to learn from them. Almost all Legends have multiple finishers available to them, and some are much better than others.

If you haven’t tried them yet, here are the 13 best Apex Legends finishers. Check out the videos of each to see how they look.

Best Apex Legends finishers

13) Bloodhound – Clean Kill

Before throwing the enemy to the ground, Bloodhound plunges their knife twice into their side. After wiping his blade clean on his pants, Arthur swoops in to pick at the dead target’s eyes.

You feel like a professional killer when you kill this way since it’s the fastest and gets the job done right. As Bloodhound is a hunter, the finisher matches him very well since he doesn’t want to waste time or energy.

12) Revenant – Snap Decision

Revenant has a fantastic finisher that would be horrifying if it weren’t for the cartoony graphics. After shushing their opponent, Revenant disappears. As the dying enemy looks around in terror, Revenant appears behind them and makes a slight noise to let them know he is there. He snaps their necks before they can react. On its own, that would be cool, but Revenant unleashes a horrifying scream or laugh, depending on how he feels.

Revenant’s finisher isn’t light-hearted, and he revels in causing death, unlike most of the finishers in Apex Legends. In addition to showing off his fatal moves, it’s a good finisher for the character.

11) Wattson – Electrical Contact

Wattson walks up to her enemy with electricity in the palms of her hands. When she gets closer, her enemy begins to float in the air, most likely being pulled upward by the static in the building. A shocked Wattson looks at her enemy and sees that they share the electricity that she is holding. Curiously, she pokes the enemy, charging them with her electricity and causing an electric explosion, killing them instantly.

Despite the appearance of an accident, your opponent will feel the sting of the instant kill you delivered. While it does seem to take a bit longer, it takes the same amount of time as other finishers.

10) Mirage – Smooth Moves

Mirage’s finisher is straight out of Michael Jackson’s catalog. He does a half-hearted Moonwalk to show his hand pointing at his opponent like it’s a gun. He then does a twirl that the king of Pop is known for, showing his comedic personality. After, he kicks his enemy with Michael’s signature kick and ends with his hands in the air, just like the pop legend. It’s a great homage to Michael Jackson and is extra insulting because your opponent just got taken out by a dance move.

This finisher perfectly displays a character’s personality because Mirage is funny, and he would not waste such a golden opportunity.

9) Lifeline – D.O.C Shock

Despite the Hippocratic Oath, Lifeline will use what should be a medical tool to kill her opponent. She lays her enemy down as if she is going to save their life, but as the enemy tries to get up, they’re unsure if she’s going to save them or kill them. As she pushes an electric cord into them, it becomes clear that she will not use the cord as a defibrillator. The electricity shows dark orange and looks unfriendly as it shocks the enemy to death.

In other words, she kills them with what should give them life, which would be poetic if not hilarious to think about.

8) Pathfinder – High five

Pathfinder shoots a hook into their opponent’s neck and pulls them in. It’s clear that neither initiates the high five, but both have their hands out as if they are about to do so. It feels like the enemy raises their hand as a knee-jerk reaction while Pathfinder enjoys the thought of high-fiving someone for an awesome finish. Pathfinder happily celebrates before realizing how dark the situation is as the enemy gurgles its last breaths and falls to the ground.

It’s one of the fastest finishers on the list, and it’s good that it’s so fast because it’s cute if you don’t think about how horrifying it must have been for the enemy.

7) Wraith – Existential Crisis

The existential crisis begins as Wraith changes the gravity around themselves and the enemy and increases their power. In the void, Wraith teleports and delivers a headbutt, an elbow to the back, and a slam down on their skull, ending any hope of survival. Compared to other moves, this one is slightly faster.

Wraith moves around their opponent using teleportation during Existential Crisis, making it hard to interrupt before it’s too late. We recommend aiming above the enemy to try and stop the final hit before it occurs, otherwise, you might as well prepare to catch Wraith unaware after the finisher.

6) Gibraltar – Force of Gravity

Gibraltar has a lot of equipment and body mass, so playing trust fall would not be a good idea. Gibraltar takes advantage of that by laughing at his opponent, making it clear they won’t escape. He turns and goes for a trust fall but gets a jumping start. He falls and flattens his enemy before turning and laughing at their crushed body.

His jump increased his distance, which increased the acceleration he could achieve and ultimately increased the fall’s force, which in scientific terms is Force = Mass x Acceleration.

5) Valkyrie – Turn & Burn

There are many great powers and an ultimate that Valkyrie can use to her advantage, but none are as efficient as Turn and Burn. As she kicks her opponent in the face, she pushes them flat on their backs. After jumping into the air, she turns her jets, so they are facing the enemy. By turning on her jets, she scorches them and kills them instantly. A person normally dies that way in one to two minutes, so those flames must have been as hot as a real jet to kill someone in less than five seconds.

This also begs the question, why not just use those flames as a weapon all the time?

4) Loba – Femme Fatale

This kill really highlights how awesome it is due to its efficiency. Loba plants her staff into the ground and uses it to propel herself onto the enemy. She uses her six-inch heel to stab her opponent and twists her legs to ensure they’re finished off. Loba leaves with a sultry walk, recalls her staff, and laughs in a way that would make Wonder Woman want to take notes.

The sultry walk and laugh leave a mark on the enemy. and this is a default finisher, so we recommend sticking with it.

3) Bangalore – Recycle

Shooting and killing someone with a canister is one thing; those are heavy and can realistically kill you, but Bangalore adds insult to injury. She slowly approaches her enemy, aims her smoke canister at them, and shoots them in the face. Not only did she not feel the need to rush, but the enemy was not even the last person to receive the canister. Bangalore catches it in the air and throws it back as if it would be a waste to use it like that. It’s one of those “You’re not worth the cost of a bullet” moments that make it so sweet to deliver.

2) Fuse – Helping Hand

If you’ve never had this done to you, it will surprise you because of how charming Fuse is. Fuse extends a helping hand to the downed enemy and delivers a lady-killer smile before winking with his one usable eye. Then he headbutts the enemy, killing them almost instantly. It would be pretty easy to fall for a rug pull like that when someone is that charismatic. Fuse ends the finisher by stroking his mustache as if proud that he fooled yet another gullible opponent.

1) Rampart – No Mercy

Rampant’s No Mercy is at the top of this list for a good reason. It’s overkill in the best way. Rampant approaches her enemy, sets Shiela, her mobile minigun, up about a foot away, and steps aside. Sheila then fills the enemy with bullets while Rampart kisses her fingers before performing a gesture that is considered rude in many cultures. It never gets old and is the ultimate taunt to any opponent as you kill them.