Apex’s Warriors event kicks off with Control, a new collection, and Crypto’s Heirloom

There's also a new Arenas map.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans nostalgic about Control can dive into the game mode again for the next two weeks. The shooter’s Warriors collection event kicked off today, bringing the return of the mode until April 12, as well as a new collection and an Heirloom for Crypto.

Control is a nine-vs-nine take on Apex‘s format, pitting three squads of three against each other for control of checkpoints on the map. The mode debuted alongside season 12 and was available for three weeks, but Respawn Entertainment is putting it back in rotation until April 12. Matches will take place in Storm Point’s Barometer and Olympus’ Hammond Labs, but the new event also added Kings Canyon’s Caustic Treatment to the mix.

In addition to Control, players can get their hands on the gladiatorial Warriors collection, giving a more combat-hardened look for some legends. The full collection comes with 24 cosmetics available through crafting or by direct purchase in the in-game store, including bundles with numerous Apex Packs. The in-game store will also offer some skins from previous events.

Those who acquire the full collection will get Crypto’s Heirloom as a bonus, which will debut alongside the Warriors event. Following the customs for Heirlooms, the Biwon Blade comes with its own animations, including one that relates directly to Crypto’s past. If you don’t want to shell out cash, however, you can earn a few rewards from the event’s free prize track.

Arenas players also have a new venue to explore, with Warriors adding the new Drop-Off Arenas map. Drop-Off comes with a unique design specially suited to Arenas, but fans can also take in the breathtaking views from the skies of Malta below.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Lastly, Warriors also introduced a few minor balancing adjustments, touching on the Turbocharger’s availability in Control, adjusting hop-ups, and tweaking the G7 Scout, as seen in the patch notes.