Apex’s season 14 brings level cap breakthrough players will love

Get ready to grind.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment dropped new details today about the next season of Apex Legends, season 14, which will be named Hunted. The announcement came with the reveal of the game’s newest legend, Vantage, as well as promises for more map changes and new content.

Veteran Apex players were treated to a welcome sight on the homepage for Hunted in addition to the new season: Apex is finally getting another increase to the game’s level cap.

“Aim for staggering heights with the new Level Cap Increase,” the season page reads. Respawn did not specifically say how many levels will be added to the game, however.

Previously, the level cap in Apex was level 500. Players could gain XP from playing the game in any of its modes, whether it was ranked, Arenas, a limited-time mode, or the standard battle royale. Where ranked rewards players for doing well in games and punishes them for going out early, players were always guaranteed to gain a little XP, no matter how well they did.

Gaining account levels through XP was also valuable because it was one of the few ways players could receive Apex Packs for free. In addition to the cosmetics these Apex Packs give to players, opening lots of Apex Packs is the only way players could give themselves better chances at Heirloom Shards, the currency with which they could unlock the game’s coveted Heirloom melee weapons or Prestige skins.

The last time Apex got a level cap increase was season three in 2019, when the game raised the highest possible level players could attain from 100 to 500. While there’s no word yet on just how high the new level cap is, many veteran players should be excited to learn they once again have another goal to grind towards and more rewards to unlock.