Apex’s season 12 will have Hammerpoints on RE-45 and a hop-up that reloads some weapons when sliding

The new Kinetic Feeder works on the Triple Take and Peacekeeper.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season 12 is bringing back Hammerpoint Rounds—this time compatible with the RE-45—and adding the new Kinetic Feeder hop-up, which reloads the Triple Take and the Peacekeeper when sliding and boosts their charge rate. In addition, Shatter Caps will also see some tweaks.

The Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up was in Apex from season two to nine and boosted damage against unshielded targets when equipped on the Mozambique or P2020. It will return in season 12, and this time, it will also fit the RE-45. This can give the pistol a significant boost in firepower against unshielded targets, making it a more than viable secondary weapon after you’ve stripped your opponent’s shields, especially at close range.

Defiance will also offer the new Kinetic Feeder attachment, compatible with the Peacekeeper and the Triple Take. This hop-up will slowly reload the magazine while you slide. While its effect is active, it will also vastly increase the choke time on these weapons.

“This hop-up is really designed to empower players to take advantage of the full breadth of Apex‘s movement in the middle of combat, sliding around, getting a bit of ammo back, and popping off really fast choked shots,” game designer Eric Canavese said in a press conference.

Lastly, Shatter Caps will see a change in usability. The attachment goes with the Bocek and the 30-30 Repeater and lets players toggle between the usual firing rate and bullets with a shotgun spread, which help their usability at close range. In Apex‘s next season, however, the hop-up will activate automatically when firing from the hip, making for a smoother transition between the two modes for when you need to.

Players can try out the new Kinetic Feeder, the Hammerpoint RE-45, and the adjusted Shatter Caps when Defiance launches on Feb. 8.


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