Apex teaser in Kings Canyon is a nod to the planet Salvo

Respawn mentioned the planet in an email from the Syndicate and in the season seven quest.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Mirage Voyage isn’t the only ship in Kings Canyon. Players spotted a new teaser up in the air: a blimp that references the planet Salvo.

The hint went live today alongside an appearance from the battle royale’s first map, despite Respawn vaulting the arena temporarily when season seven launched.

Players can spot the blimp looking at the northwest part of the map. The machine displays a short message: “Salvo joining Syndicate,” as an advertisement of sorts about the organization’s latest conquest.

The blimp, however, is hardly the first mention of Salvo in Apex lore. It’s appeared both during the season seven quest and in a (canon) sketch of Wattson’s room.

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Salvo made its first major appearance during the season seven quest, Family Portrait. The antagonist, Creighton Sawtelle, is looking for Lifeline’s mother, Cherisse Che. Sawtelle tells him to deliver a message to the Syndicate: “They can have Salvo. I want Psamathe.” Cherisse mentions the “Salvonian warlord,” who could be the face of the new administration that agreed to join the Syndicate.

Salvo is directly connected to the legends through the events of Family Portrait and for being a part of the Mercenary Syndicate, the organization that hosts the Apex Games. This means that the planet may play an important role in future Apex narratives.