Apex’s season 11, Escape, is live with Storm Point, Ash, and the C.A.R. SMG

Triple Take, I missed you.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The wait for Storm Point is over. Apex Legends’ 11th season, Escape, is now live and players can finally dive into the new map, play as Ash, or try the C.A.R. SMG.

Although those are the three major additions in season 11, the update is also bringing a series of balancing changes, including a thorough buff to Wattson, nerfs to the L-STAR and EVA-8, and changing the care package weapons rotation. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the new season.


The star of the season, Ash is the new kid on the block, even though fans have known about her since before Apex was even released. She was a boss in Titanfall 2, and after several rebuilds, she made her way to the Outlands during the season five quest, took a prominent role as the Arenas commissioner in season nine, and is now making her way to the Apex Games.

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Ash is an offensive legend and her kit comes with a few ways to drive the aggression up on your opponents. She’s not as aggressive or Octane or Revenant, for instance, but she’ll make for a worthy adversary in the fight. She’ll also get instantly picked for the first few days of the new season, as is tradition for a new legend. But she has the potential to shake up team compositions as well.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Storm Point

The Apex Games are getting a new arena this season. The bloodsport moves to Storm Point in Gaea, a new venue that’s going to steal the show thanks to its paradisiac beaches and lush jungle. Don’t spend too long looking at the view, though, or something might jump at you—and it won’t necessarily be another player.

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The new map features killer wildlife in the form of prowler nests and spider eggs. Though spiders won’t interact with you unless you shoot their eggs, prowlers will patrol some spots on the map, so keep your eyes peeled.

In addition to killer wildlife, players can use new Gravity Cannons to traverse the map, a new feature of Storm Point that will send players flying through the air in predetermined directions.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment


Escape is bringing more than just one Titanfall favorite. In addition to Ash, players can also finally get their hands on the flexible C.A.R. SMG, the new weapon coming into the shooter this season. It can use both light and heavy ammo and attachments, granting players the benefit of an extended heavy magazine even when using light ammo (and vice-versa).

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Care package changes and Dual Shell hop-up

As usual, the season is bringing a new care package rotation. The Triple Take returns to floor loot and the G7 Scout will take its place with a slight damage bump and a built-in Double-Tap Trigger when players find it in a package.

The devs are also introducing a new hop-up called Dual Shell, which enhances reloads on the Mastiff and the 30-30. Each socketed bullet counts as two, giving players more bang for their buck and offering an extra reason to take those weapons.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Balancing adjustments: Wattson buff, crafting changes, and more

Wattson mains have been calling for a buff to the Static Defender for seasons now—and Respawn delivered. Her kit sees thorough changes in Escape, giving players some necessary firepower and fixing a series of deficiencies in her skillset.

Her tactical will deal 33 percent more damage (20, up from 15) and will slow players for twice as long (three seconds, up from 1.5). The cooldown between placing fences will be halved to 15 seconds and the placement range will increase by 50 percent.

Respawn has “significantly reworked” her ultimate ability as well, making one permanent Pylon that heals a total of 250 shields spread to nearby players. After that pool is exhausted, the gadget will continue to intercept enemy ordinances. Respawn has also “moderately reworked” the pylon-zapping, improving its detection against airstrike abilities or grenades that would bounce off the Pylon.

In addition, Respawn nerfed the L-STAR and the EVA-8, two troublesome weapons throughout season 10. The Longbow also took a damage hit.

The new season updated crafting values, slightly increasing the cost to craft ammo and improve Evo shields but vastly improving output. The full changes are available in the official patch notes.