Apex’s season 11 Escape introduces Dual Shell hop-up, care package changes

It might just be enough to bring the Mastiff back into the meta.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Today’s patch notes for Apex Legends season 11, Escape, shared information about a new hop-up and described the adjustments that are coming to the game’s supply drops.

The new hop-up is the Dual Shell. It can be attached to the Mastiff, a shotgun, and the 30-30 Repeater, a heavy marksman repeater. The two weapons are unique in that they are the only ones that are reloaded with individual bullets rather than a magazine swap, making their reload times higher than average, and dependent on how many bullets in the current magazine have already been used. When attached, the Dual Shell cuts this reload time in half by allowing the player to reload two bullets at a time rather than just one. The hop-up is epic rarity and can be found in ground loot.

The usual season-based adjustments to supply drops, which also called care packages, have also been detailed. In Escape, the Triple Take will be returning to ground loot as an energy marksman weapon, and the G7 Scout will become a care package exclusive. The G7 will come with the Double Tap Trigger baked in, which gives the G7 a burst fire mode, allowing it to fire two bullets per pull of the trigger.

In season 10, supply drop-exclusive weapons only had a 25-percent chance of appearing in early-game care packages. That drop rate has now been increased to 50 percent. The previous late-game appearance rate for supply drop weapons was 75 percent. In season 11, it’s been increased to 100 percent, guaranteeing a supply drop exclusive weapon in every late-game care package.

To ensure the last several teams aren’t all duking it out with Krabers, the deadly sniper’s drop rate has been lowered to compensate. Though it is a decrease, when combined with the increase in overall weapon drop rates, it should keep the appearance of Krabers roughly the same as it was in season 10.

Apex Legends season 11 launches on Nov. 2.