Apex player uses Octane’s jump pad to escape Wattson’s fences

“Wanna fly, compadre? Let's fly.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wattson’s fences in Apex Legends can be an excellent tool to secure an area—unless the enemy is a bold, high-flying Octane. An Apex player used Octane’s jump pad last night to escape Wattson’s tight grip on one of the Bunker doors.

The player was trapped inside the Bunker, with the ring on their back and an enemy squad on the other side. It was easy to see a series of Wattson fences from the inside, which would slow Octane down and damage him greatly.

There wasn’t much choice for the Octane player. Their teammates were dead, the ring was on their back, and only one other squad was in the fight.

The player decided to put Octane’s ultimate to good use. Instead of passing through the fences, they set the jump pad at the edge of the door, then quickly opened it and jumped cleanly above the fences. The Octane player used a double jump to reach another ledge on the west side of the Bunker, which provided them with some much-needed cover and a chance to heal.

Octane reached the high ground, which gave them a height advantage and all but neutralized Wattson’s role in the fight. The player then took down the two remaining enemies and won the match.

A few elements helped the play work as well as it did. The map location, for instance, ensured that the player would be able to reach another ledge and get some cover instead of falling into an open area. It’d be difficult to get to high ground if the fight had taken place on the other side of the Bunker, for example.

The recent tweaks to Octane’s jump pad also gave the player some extra help in reaching the ledge. The balancing adjustments in Apex season five let all characters double jump when using a jump pad, which allowed the player to have a smooth landing on top of the structure.