Apex patch fixes matchmaking bug in high ranks, wrongful abandon penalties in Arenas, and an infinite Charge Rifle exploit

Three bugs with one stone.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new patch in Apex Legends has fixed several glitches in the shooter—including one that prevented ranked matchmaking in some cases.

Respawn has restored competitive matchmaking for players ranked Masters and above, touched on a case of unwarranted leaver penalties in Arenas when the other team abandoned a match, and removed an exploit that allowed players to fire the Charge Rifle infinitely.

The studio acknowledged the matchmaking bug on June 30, the day after Apex‘s Genesis event launched, and said that a fix could take 72 hours or more to deploy “due to QA requirements.” The solution, however, arrived early.

The developers also patched out another case of wrongful abandon penalties in Arenas that punished players when the other team left a match. Respawn has run into a few hiccups since the feature launched in late May and went as far as temporarily disabling it just days after its release. At the time, a bug caused players to receive the penalty after leaving a finished match.

The patch also took care of an exploit that allowed players to fire the Charge Rifle infinitely. It let players hold the charge on the weapon indefinitely without ever firing the actual shot, essentially using it as a continuous laser beam. Footage of the glitch shows how deadly it can be, particularly in the hands of a cheater.

The three issues aren’t the only bugs to come out of the new event, though. Respawn recently disabled the “Frag Out” banner for Bloodhound and Rampart, which was causing game crashes, and players reported that matchmaking was creating teams with more than three legends.