Apex Arenas’ leaver penalties temporarily disabled following reports of unwarranted punishments

A fix should be coming "later this week."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A number of Apex Legends players reported 10-minute abandon penalties for leaving finished Arenas matches. And Respawn has a temporary solution.

Today’s small update temporarily disabled leaver penalties in Arenas, with a fix for the issue scheduled for “later this week,” according to the Respawn Twitter account. Director of communications Ryan Rigney further explained the bug, saying it “had to do with game logic after everyone on the opposing Arenas team left the match.”

Players who left an empty match would sometimes receive a 10-minute penalty. But another player was issued a punishment for quitting a match after two of their teammates had already abandoned the game. The system error is likely the culprit for that scenario as well.

A May 24 Apex patch added abandon penalties to Arenas, working similarly to how they do in ranked battle royale matches. But it seems like a bug slipped through the cracks despite it never showing up in playtests, according to Rigney.

Respawn will inform fans when the leaver penalties are restored later this week.

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