Apex Legends season three PVE Mode pins you against monsters, robots, and Titans

A data miner speculates on the new mode based on hidden files.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Iron Crown patch gave Apex Legends data miners tons of files to sift through for potential season three content. One data miner has analyzed everything there is to know about an upcoming Player versus Environment (PvE) mode.

Popular data miner That1MiningGuy revealed the information in a video which explains possible PvE Objectives, specific AI enemies you’ll encounter, and even a raid to take out the massive Goliath.


Here’s everything we know about the upcoming PvE mode.


Screengrab via That1MiningGuy

The PvE mode will provide objectives for players that include killing free-range monsters, like Prowlers, Flyers, and Leviathans, or completing specific tasks, according to the data miner.

This mission-driven PvE mode, resemblant of World of Warcraft’s quest system, covers a wide-array of objectives such as “Eliminate all hostiles,” “Open all cages,” “Repulsor Tower Defend,” or “Survive the onslaught.”

PvE Enemies

Screengrab via That1MiningGuy

The PvE enemies during the event will cover anything from monsters and androids to Titans. The interaction players have with these enemies will vary, however.

In one mission, players would have to enter a Prowler Den and kill their Alpha. Afterwards, the player must collect the Alpha’s pheromones and use them to lure another target. 

Screengrab via That1MiningGuy

Other missions require players to defend Titans, which originally made their appearance in the Titanfall series. Titans are a form of heavy warfare that are controlled by pilots to wreak havoc.

Originally, Respawn’s developers claimed that Titans would not be making an appearance in Apex. Though That1MiningGuy agrees, he believes their appearance in PvE makes a lot more sense.

“That’s true, but Respawn said that they couldn’t get Titans to work in Apex Legends battle royale mode,” the data miner said. “These are going to be Titans that the AI controls and we’ll either defend AI-controlled Titans or we’ll be fighting against AI-controlled Titans.”

Goliath Hunt

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One PvE mission found in the game’s files will be to kill The Goliath, which originally made its appearance in Bloodhound’s lore picture.

In order to kill the beast, players can only use energy weapons and will have to evacuate once the mission is done. Players will have to snag energy weapons from care packages, which will be guarded by poachers looking to take you out.

The event will feature countless more missions such as capturing a VIP scientist, or destroying Harvesters.

For the full list of objectives and more leaks on Apex season three, tune in to That1MiningGuy’s Twitch channel.