Apex Legends players would literally pay to have Olympus back

How much money are we talking?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some Apex Legends players are desperate to see Olympus return to the map pool, as evidenced by Reddit.

Reddit user SmileyWiley98 started a discussion recently about how much they enjoy Olympus. “I miss this map so much,” they titled their post. “It felt so happy and bright. Not sure how everyone else felt about it, but I’m really hoping it makes a comeback.”

Olympus has not been available in the game’s map rotation since the beginning of season 11, which started on Nov. 2. Right now, only World’s Edge and Storm Point are in rotation for public matches, while the only ranked map is Storm Point. Respawn has confirmed that season 11’s second ranked split will take place on World’s Edge, so it seems as though players won’t see Olympus in ranked play until at least season 12.

In the comments of SmileyWiley98’s post, fellow Olympus fans lamented the current season’s lack of Olympus and sang its praises. Commenter Cokaway said that they “would pay for Olympus and Storm Point to be on rotation for a season” so they could “say goodbye to the rest of the maps.” “I would feel complete,” they added.

Others echoed the same idea, saying that Olympus offers more diversity of hot drops than other maps and is visually distinct from the other battle royale locations. One common suggestion was to put every map in the public match rotation, meaning that the pub maps would cycle between Storm Point, Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

It’s not clear just how much fans are willing to pay for the privilege of playing on Olympus sooner rather than later, but what is clear is their passion for the map and the unique battle royale opportunities it offers.

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