Apex Legends player snags a win by squashing opponent with Mobile Respawn Beacon

It was a "crushing win."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn devs challenged Apex Legends fans to win a match using the Mobile Respawn Beacon—and one player did just that.

One Apex player summoned a Mobile Respawn Beacon from the skies to mash their opponent and secure a win, posting a video last night.

During an intense battle for first place, the two remaining duos duked it out on Kings Canyon. The Mirage player took the low ground and used a Digital Threat to see through Caustic’s smoke, knocking down the Toxic Gasser. With only a Lifeline left, the player and their duo quickly took her out—but the game wasn’t over yet.

The Lifeline was held within an inch of her life due to a golden knockdown shield. This gave the savvy player an idea.

The player summoned the Mobile Respawn Beacon on top of the Lifeline to try to earn the victory in style. While the knocked enemy resisted at first, they eventually accepted their fate to be a part of history.

The Mobile Respawn Beacon landed, squashed the Lifeline like a bug, and helped them earn the title of Apex Champions.

Other Apex fans enjoyed the style points, with one player calling it a “crushing win.”

Mobile Respawn Beacons were introduced last month during the Lost Treasures Collection Event, allowing players to revive their teammates anywhere on the map. While they initially only debuted in the limited-time Armed and Dangerous Evolved mode, the feature has now been pushed to all game modes.