Apex’s latest update adds Mobile Respawn Beacons to all modes, fixes Loba’s teleport

The beacons were only available in the Armed and Dangerous Evolved LTM.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends patch has landed on the Outlands. The update added Mobile Respawn Beacons to all game modes and fixed Loba’s translocator issues in World’s Edge, which would cause the ability to fail in certain spots.

Portable Beacons

Mobile Respawn Beacons arrived as part of the Lost Treasures update two weeks ago. The new item was confined to the Armed and Dangerous Evolved limited-time mode, but Respawn promised that the gadget would make its way to both Casual and Ranked matches after Lost Treasures ended.

As evidenced by its name, Mobile Respawn Beacons allow players to revive squadmates without needing to find a regular beacon. It’s useful in situations when the closest beacons are already outside of the ring and respawning a teammate would inevitably lead to death.

Portable beacons aren’t exclusive to one team. Just like in normal beacons, anyone can activate it, regardless of teams, so players should take a look around before deploying it. The gadget drops down like a Lifeline package, which can draw the attention of nearby enemies.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Loba’s Bracelet

The recent update also fixed Loba’s translocator. Her gadget would encounter issues when used in World’s Edge, causing the teleport to fail in some spots. The bugs happen due to the “out of bounds” map triggers in World’s Edge, which are coded differently than Kings Canyon, as explained by design director Jason McCord.

Loba’s bracelet isn’t supposed to land on spots with an out-of-bounds trigger. If it does, the ability fails. “That’s expected behavior,” McCord wrote about the issue. The Lost Treasures update, however, caused new issues.

“So now, her bracelet flies out, touches these grouped triggers while in flight, and it counts as a fail,” McCord said. “Usually, it would have to land in a trigger to fail.”

Fans already expected a quick solution to the issue: last Thursday, McCord explained the issue and said that a fix would “realistically” reach the servers in the “middle of next week.”

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