Apex Legends’ Genesis Collection Event brings throwback skins, gives Revenant a Scythe as an heirloom

It's Throwback Thursday, apparently.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ next event, Genesis, is a blast from the past. The celebrations kick off next Tuesday, June 29, and will bring back the original versions of both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, with Skull Town making its Arenas debut.

Certain legends will also get skins that relate to their past. But the biggest prize of all goes to Revenant, who’s finally getting his heirloom: a colossal scythe.

Genesis will take place between June 29 and July 13, which gives players two weeks to grind challenges and enjoy all that the event has to offer. And there’s a lot on the way.

Original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge

In the days of old, Kings Canyon existed without the sniper’s nest known as Cage. The train io World’s Edge, too, would move around the arena and the Harvester was just a blip in the sky. And longtime players will get to relive those days with the new event, which will add the original versions of the game’s first two maps.

The maps will take over the normal Duos and Trios queues with one-hour slots each for the duration of the event. This presumably means that Olympus will take a break.

Skull Town in Arenas

You asked for it, Respawn delivers. For the duration of the event, Skull Town will be an Arenas map in one-hour slots (as opposed to the usual 15 minutes). Newer players can experience the mayhem for the first time, while veterans can see how their old strategies shape up against the new legends that have arrived since Loba destroyed the area in season five.

Skins and reward tracks

It wouldn’t be a collection event if there wasn’t anything to collect. This time, Respawn is bringing some skins that directly relate to the characters’ past lives. Crypto, Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Loba all got new cosmetics that hark back to their past.

Crypto’s Inconspicuous skin shows his real identity: Tae Joon Park. Crypto hacked his way into the Apex Games to clear his name after the Syndicate framed him for the alleged murder of his foster sister (who’s still very much alive). It’s the Apex equivalent of a Clark Kent skin for Superman.

Before Loba became one of the most infamous thieves in the Outlands, she had to scrap to get by—and that’s what her Petty Theft visual is all about. This time, Ms. Andrade put the high-end fashion back in the closet.

The Gibraltar family founded SARAS (the Search and Rescue Association of Solace) and it runs in Makoa Gibraltar’s blood. The Shielded Fortress’ new look is based on his time as a SARAS volunteer, a true look at his original artwork from 2019 when the game launched.

Bangalore comes from a long line of IMC Soldiers and her visual brings her back to her boot camp days as an IMC Grunt in a look that appeared in Pathfinder’s Quest.

In addition to the paid collection items, Respawn is also giving out a few free rewards with its own prize track, obtainable by completing event challenges during Genesis.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There’s a series of other visuals for Valkyrie and Revenant, for instance, and the total collection amounts to 24 items. Getting them all unlocks a special reward: Revenant’s heirloom set.

Revenant gets a scythe

The common adage warns people not to bring a knife to a gunfight, but it doesn’t say anything about scythes. The Synthetic Nightmare is finally getting his own heirloom: a colossal scythe that looks big enough to cut someone in half. Its significance to Revenant’s lore is unclear for now, but if Caustic can whip out a hammer during this week’s chapter of The Legacy Antigen, then Revenant’s scythe might as well make an appearance.

Balancing adjustments

The event also brings the first patch of Legacy, with a series of tweaks to Arenas prices and a few adjustments to Revenant, Bloodhound, and Lifeline. The simulacrum can climb nearly infinitely, but the rest of his kit is taking a hit. Lifeline will see slight hitbox adjustments and Respawn toned down the power of Bloodhound’s scan to make it less oppressive.