Apex Legend kicks off midseason split with Olympus as the new ranked map

Map update and soft reset included.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Olympus has replaced World’s Edge as the only map for ranked matches in Apex Legends.

The map change is part of Respawn’s planned midseason split to spice things up throughout a competitive season. The change will also be followed by a soft reset, as usual.

Ranked matches will now take place exclusively on the latest version of Olympus, which includes the map update Respawn devised for Legacy. The new season kept the arena mostly intact but changed a particularly troublesome area: the intersection between Bonsai Plaza, Solar Array, and Orbital Cannon, known as “Crossroads.”

That part of Olympus offered plenty of sightlines to the existing area, which made it easy for any squad to get picked off from afar. Respawn placed a colossal ship called the Icarus where the Crossroads used to stand. The addition of the Icarus cut down on the sightlines and also created an entirely new POI in an area that used to be just grass.

Unlike the rest of the ranked seasons, Legacy will finish the competitive season with the latest map to get an update. Previously, whenever Respawn adjusted a map, it was the first one in rotation. But the developers changed the order this time around.

In addition to today’s map change, players will encounter a soft reset, which will drop their ranks by 1.5 tiers. The midseason split also lets players get another shot at ranked rewards based on the highest level they achieve. Getting to the same rank in both splits awards a little extra, too.