Apex fan gets incredible play with Mad Maggie using Riot Drill, Mastiff, and Flatline

Including a double squad wipe.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie came to Apex Legends a month ago and players already figured out clever ways to use her kit. A fan, however, took advantage of her abilities to take down four enemies in Kings Canyon.

Reddit user the1true_chicken employed a combination of Maggie’s affinity for shotguns, her highlighting enemies, and a clever use of her Riot Drill to take down two squads near Kings Canyon’s Bunker, as seen in a video they posted to Reddit.

In the video, the player is squaring off against a duo on top of the walkway near Bunker. Using Maggie’s speed boost when holding shotguns, they down an enemy with the Mastiff, who then drops down onto the ground. The enemy seems to disappear thanks to their allied Mirage’s passive, which cloaks Mirage and a teammate when reviving. The opposing Mirage cancels the revive and pops up, only to meet Mad Maggie’s Mastiff shots.

After cleaning up the squad, however, another pair of enemies start shooting, prompting the Maggie player to shield swap and run into Bunker, where the Ring had closed. Taking advantage of the narrow hallways, the player followed into a room and used Maggie’s Riot Drill to damage the enemies when they rushed. This highlighted the two on Mad Maggie’s HUD, enabling the player to know where their enemies would come from.

The Maggie player threw down a Thermite as an extra layer of area denial, then took down a rushing Bloodhound with the Flatline, who was whittled down by other sources of damage. Another opponent came out on the other side of the room, but was no match for the Flatline shots paired with the rest of the damage ticks. This allowed the Maggie player to narrowly escape with their life and the title of kill leader.

Mad Maggie was designed as a breacher and her kit lets her disrupt defenses such as Gibraltar’s Dome Shield or Rampart’s Amped Cover. That doesn’t mean she’s necessarily bad at defending, though, and Apex offers plenty of creative opportunities for her kit—such as using her offense-oriented Riot Drill to help set up a defense.