Apex fan designs Valentine’s-themed skins for every legend and weapon in the game

This fan-made event idea was clearly a labor of love.

Screengrab via PlayApex

A dedicated Apex Legends fan artist has created a complete holiday event for Valentine’s Day. Since Respawn failed to do anything special for everyone’s favorite capitalist holiday of romantic love this year, Reddit user nobletwelvexp took it upon themselves to treat players to a nice time.

They paid homage to the joys of flowers, chocolate, and bubblegum pink by drawing up a Valentine’s-themed Apex extravaganza they called Matrimony Mayhem. The fan-made celebration features skins for every single legend and weapon in the game, as well as some weapon charms.

The skins are embellished with traditional symbols associated with romantic love. Legends like Seer, Gibraltar, and Loba, none of whom struggle with showing affection, got outfits strung with garlands of roses and finished with lace, poofs, and bows. Legends like Caustic and Crypto, who are probably a bit less inclined to celebrate, are decked out in goth or military-inspired looks. Highlights include Valkyrie’s Love In The Air skin, which features a pink heart-shaped visor on her flight helmet, and Ash’s Veil of Death, a spooky wedding dress-themed skin with strong vampire vibes.

The weapons feature roses and heart designs as well, with lots of brass and lace wrappings. The design for the Bocek Bow is a standout. A far cry from its default appearance, it’s been reimagined as Cupid’s bow and shoots heart-shaped arrows.

Maybe next year, fans can hope for an official Valentine’s Day-themed cosmetics release. Until then, we’ll have to remain content with this excellent contribution from the community.