Apex data miner discovers new character named Husaria in Iron Crown files

The "Hard Breacher" could put a stop to campers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Recent Apex Legends files have turned up a wave of new legends that could be joining the game in the weeks to come and one data miner just added another character to the list.

YouTuber The Gaming Merchant uploaded a video today detailing new files pointing to a character named Husaria. In the files, the legend is described as the “Hard Breacher” and her abilities seemingly fit the role.  

For her passive, Husaria’s calf has allegedly been replaced with a breaching shotgun that deploys whenever she melees doors or opponents. The ability requires shotgun ammo, however, forcing players to keep extra space in their inventory if they want to take advantage of her explosive kick.

Husaria’s tactical is allegedly called Flashbang. When thrown, the flashbang briefly blinds and deafens any nearby enemies. Apex has a few grenade options players can pick up and throw. But unlike many other first-person shooters, the battle royale has yet to add a flashbang, so Husaria could very well be the first character to introduce this form of grenade to the game.


The character’s ultimate ability is allegedly named Concussive Breaching Charge and it plants a breaching charge that fires a sonic wave through walls, destroying any traps in its path. The ability also forces doors open and disorients enemies, serving as a useful tool to counter anyone trying to camp inside a building.

Husaria joins Apex’s seemingly long list of characters lined up for release. In recent weeks, data miners have found a number of legends, including Skunner, Nomad, and Blisk. Fans are also awaiting the release of Crypto, who many believed to be the mysterious man in the season two trailer released in June.