Apex’s 30-30 is a heavy-ammo, hard-hitting rifle that ‘falls between the G7 and Longbow,’ according to Dazs

It's stylish and packs a punch. What more do you need?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans got a first look at the upcoming 30-30 Repeater Rifle today. It’s a hard-hitting, lever-action rifle that’s on its way to the battle royale when season eight drops on Feb. 2. SoaR general manager and streamer Dasz shared an early look at Salvo’s most popular firearm—and it packs a punch.

The 30-30 uses heavy ammo and “falls between the G7 [Scout] and the Longbow,” according to Dazs. It has a unique mechanic that both weapons lack, however. Players can charge up shots when aiming down sights for a nice damage boost.

Non-charged shots deal 42 damage on a body shot. But if you take an extra second to charge it, the next shot will do 57 damage—similarly to a Longbow. Charged headshots deal a whopping 100 damage, which is enough to take out an unarmored, unfortified target in one blow.

Its dual fire modes offer the 30-30 extra versatility. Players can alternate between raining down bullets and precision shots at will—provided they have enough ammo in the magazine for it. The 30-30 reloads bullets individually, like the Mastiff, and it can create lengthy intervals for reloading. The new gold magazines, however, can make for a particularly lethal combination.

The gold magazine will automatically reload any weapon after 5.5 seconds, according to Dazs—just enough time to pop some healing items and get back to the fight. For the 30-30, however, it means that players can skip the lengthy animation of pumping in up to 12 bullets individually in battle.

The 30-30 and the gold magazine will join Apex when its new season, Mayhem, drops on Feb. 2.