Always Be Closing mode makes its return to Apex Legends next week with Evo Shields

“Grab your running shoes and get moving because the Ring sure is.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Adrenaline junkies are in luck—Always Be Closing is back.

Apex Legends’ Always Be Closing mode is returning between Aug. 11 and 16, Respawn announced today. This time, players will be jumping into the Outlands with an Evo Shield and a Mozambique, adding some flair to the exhilarating mode.

The premise for Always Be Closing Evolved is simple. The ring is constantly shrinking, forcing players to be on the move and preventing campers from hiding in corners all game. And instead of dropping into the fray with nothing, players will be armed with an Evo Shield and the memetastic Mozambique.

The exciting mode made its debut during the Grand Soirée Arcade Event in January, which featured rotating playlists and snazzy skins. It doesn’t appear that the game mode will be accompanied by an event this time around, though, since Respawn devs are likely preparing for Apex’s sixth season.

The season six teasers have already begun, with a gigantic crane appearing on the south side of Sorting Factory and several “future worksite” signs showing up on World’s Edge. The end of The Broken Ghost quest line hinted that the battle royale might be situated in Olympus next season, but no official confirmation has been made yet.