Among Us VR surpasses major sales milestone less than three months after release

The game is still going strong.

Among Us VR has sold more than a million copies since its release in November, the developer revealed earlier today in a press release.

Among Us‘ popularity exploded in 2020, but the game has been used in several ways to keep its player base active. The release of its VR version is one of them. Since last November, fans of the party game can take immersion to the next level with this title.

When it was released, the game made a splash on Twitch, with a peak of over 200,000 simultaneous viewers in the game’s category, according to Stream Charts. It’s far from Among Us‘ peak numbers of 774,000 viewers in 2020, but it still attracted the community’s attention.

The developer shared other various stats in a press release, like how it averaged 44,000 games played per day and gathered players from more than 100 different countries in the world.

The VR platform offers a fun experience due to higher immersion and combines well with the already-existing voice proximity and social features. Now, to improve the game’s experience, the developer is planning to strengthen voice chat moderation and bring other features, such as maps and more lobby settings.

On the other side, Among Us VR struggles to attract many existing players who were used to playing the game on other platforms. Some streamers also reported getting VR motion sickness pretty quickly when playing the game, deciding to go back to other platforms to play Among Us. That’s an issue many players have with VR, although some games have more chance of causing it than others.