Leak suggests dragon theme for upcoming World of Warcraft expansion

The age of the dragon?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard won’t officially unveil details regarding the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion until later this month, but internet sleuths have data mined some information that hints at what the theme of the expansion might be: dragons.

There are numerous mentions of “Dragonflight” in the public source code of WoW’s official website, according to code that was uncovered by Wowhead. Those mentions reportedly lead to a URL that fans can’t get to yet called “dragonflight.blizzard.com.”

Blizzard last month announced that it would reveal the new expansion on April 19. The unveiling will come just a couple of weeks following the conclusion of the current expansion Shadowlands’ final raid Race to World First.

A release date for the upcoming expansion hasn’t been set, but just a couple of weeks ago, the developer announced that Shadowlands arena and mythic keystones would be getting a fourth season including content from previous expansions. 

The expansion’s third season only recently started, and the surprise addition of a fourth season suggests that Blizzard is trying to buy a little bit more time to work on its upcoming expansion. Not having a publicized timeline for the upcoming expansion could also stem from issues involving the release of Shadowlands, which had to be pushed back.