Blizzard confirms next WoW expansion will be revealed on April 19

We're leaving the Shadowlands behind us for good.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The next World of Warcraft expansion is on the horizon and fans finally have a date they can look forward to for the expansion’s reveal. Blizzard Entertainment intends to reveal WoW’s next expansion on April 19, according to a post from the World of Warcraft Twitter account earlier today. 

The expansion, which will likely address the fallout of the current Shadowlands expansion, will be the ninth expansion released for WoW and the 10th edition of the game overall (including the original release of the game in 2004). The final major content patch of Shadowlands was released last month and a minor patch is expected to address in-game systems before the current expansion comes to a close. 

No major features have been revealed for the upcoming WoW expansion at this time, although Blizzard intends for crossplay between Alliance and Horde characters to be available by the time Shadowlands ends, according to a developer update from WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas earlier this year. 

Traditionally, WoW expansions have been revealed at BlizzCon across the game’s history. But after this year’s edition of the event was canceled outright, the developer shifted its plans. The upcoming reveal of WoW’s next expansion will mark just the second time that an expansion was revealed outside of BlizzCon (Legion at Gamescom 2015). 

In addition to the announcement of WoW’s next expansion on April 19, Blizzard also announced today that a mobile game taking place in the Warcraft universe will be revealed sometime in May. WoW’s next expansion has not been given a release date at this time.