How to get Unearthed Fragrant Coin in WoW Dragonflight

One more weird-looking currency to clutter your bags.

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As you’re wandering around Zaralek Cavern in World of Warcraft Dragonflight and diminishing the Djaradin forces, you’ll quickly encounter a new currency called Unearthed Fragrant Coin. When you first get this peculiar item, you won’t even know what it’s used for, you’ll just know Spinsoa will be the person to talk to if you want to do something with these coins. 

Unearthed Fragrant Coin is a currency that drops when you complete world quests and Public Objectives in Zaralek Cavern. The true value of Unearthed Fragran Coins actually lies in the fact that these coins can be traded for Shadowflame Crest Fragments. These can later be combined to create Shadowflame Crests, the currency you need to upgrade 10.1 gear. 

In a nutshell, Unearthed Fragrant Coins will be yet another source of Shadowflame Crests, a currency used to upgrade your gear. Here’s how you can get Unearthed Fragrant Coins in Dragonflight.

What is Unearthed Fragrant Coin?

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Unearthed Fragrant Coin is a currency used only to purchase Shadowflame Crest Fragments and Coveted Baubles from Spinsoa in Loamm at the 55.8 55.4 coordinates. When you combine 15 of the fragments, you’ll get a full item—Shadowflame Crest. But you have to keep in mind that Spinsoa will only be in the mood to sell you Shadowflame Crest Fragments once per week.

Here are the goodies Spinsoa of Zaralek Cavern is selling: 

Whelpling’s Small ChestTwo Unearthed Fragrant CoinsFive Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment
Whelpling’s Hefty ChestFour Unearthed Fragrant Coins10 Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment
Whelpling’s Bountiful Chest10 Unearthed Fragrant Coins15 Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment
Drake’s Small ChestFive Unearthed Fragrant CoinsFive Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment
Drake’s Hefty Chest10 Unearthed Fragrant Coins10 Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment
Drake’s Bountiful Chest15 Unearthed Fragrant Coins15 Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment
Coveted BaubleOne Unearthed Fragrant CoinOne Coveted Bauble

How to get Unearthed Fragrant Coin

These unique coins can be obtained by simply completing world events and Public Objectives in Zaralek Cavern. Normally, Unearthed Fragran Coins drop from Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouch and Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouch and these items will drop each time you complete a zone event. The zone events are announced 30 seconds before they officially start and you’ll see an icon of a battle horn on your map similar to those icons marking the Grand Hunt and Community Feast. 

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