How to get the Return to Lordaeron achievement in World of Warcraft

Here's how to complete the storyline that grants your account the "Dark Ranger" customization option.

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The Return to Lordaeron achievement in World of Warcraft is one of the most sought-after quest-related achievements in the game, largely due to the fact that it gives players two rewards: a title and an extremely unique “Dark Ranger” customization option for elf races in the character creation screen. 

To get the Return to Lordaeron achievement, you’ll have to physically return to Lordaeron, a zone that was completely destroyed during the events of the Shadowlands campaign. The achievement requires you to complete a brief questline that can be completed in approximately one hour. 

Here’s how to get the “Return to Lordaeron” achievement in WoW and unlock all of the rewards that come with it. 

Starting the Return to Lordaeon quest line in Oribos

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To begin the questline, head to the Shadowlands and speak with Genn Greymane (for Alliance players) or Calia Menethil (horde players) in Oribos’ Enclave. The two NPCs will send you on a mission to meet Calia in Tirisfal Glades, where your goal will be to return the Forsaken back to their former glory following the actions of their disgraced Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner. 

Once you’re in Tirisfal Glades, you’ll be sent to speak with Lillian Voss, Dark Ranger Velonara, and Master Apothecary Faranell, all of whom are around the outskirts of Brill. Speak to each of these characters and complete their side quests (if necessary) to progress the story forward. Once you’re all caught up, the characters you’ve recruited will meet with Calia inside the Brill Inn to discuss the next steps in removing the plague from the Undercity. 

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From there, you’ll have to collect a sample of the plague from the land outside of the ruined city and bring it to the House of Rituals in Maldraxxus. After meeting with Margrave Sin’dane, you’ll be tasked to grow a “plague eater” into a formidable beast that can help eradicate the plague in the Undercity. 

Follow the Maldraxxus section of the questline through the quests “Essence of Plague,” “Feed the Eater,” and “Embodiment.” After completing those quests, you’ll pick up Lillian Voss’ Hearthstone, which will teleport you back to Brill, where you can begin to take the final steps in completing the Return to Lordaeron questline. 

Completing the questline and unlocking the Dark Ranger customization option

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Upon re-arriving in Tirisfal Glades, you’ll be tasked with riding a Shadowbat over the Undercity, while dropping plague eaters on canisters of blight. After completing this quest and removing the virulent plague from the ruins of the Undercity, you’ll be able to land in the city’s exterior courtyard and witness the creation of the Forsaken’s new governing body, the Desolate Council.

Take your news of what you accomplished back to the questline’s original quest-giver (either Genn Greymane or Calia Menethil) who will be waiting in Oribos to reward you with the “Return to Lordaeron” achievement. 

Unlocking the achievement will grant your character the “of Lordaeron” title, as well as the Dark Ranger customization option in the character creation screen. Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Void Elves can all use the Dark Ranger customization option, which includes pale gray skin and blood-red eyes. If you completed the quest chain on a Hunter, you can also see Outfitter Reynolds in Trueshot Lodge to unlock the Dark Ranger’s armor set. 

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