Echo knot up WoW Race to World First with world second kill of Halondrus

Looks like crab's back on the menu.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

European World of Warcraft favorites Echo have knotted up the ongoing Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First, as the team took down the raid’s most notorious boss so far, Halondrus, earlier today. 

Halondrus, a mid-tier boss who survived throughout the better part of the raid’s first reset, wasn’t slain first until yesterday when North American guild Team Liquid earned the world’s first kill on the boss. It took Liquid 357 attempts to down Halondrus, while Echo earned their kill in 361 attempts. Liquid’s 357 attempts on the boss were the second-most all-time for a non-end boss in World of Warcraft’s history behind the Tomb of Sargeras’ Fallen Avatar encounter. 

Echo and Liquid are currently the only teams in the world to progress past Halondrus, as the boss has been a major wall for guilds in the race. Fourteen other guilds in the world, including SK Pieces and Method, are still progressing on Halondrus, according to WoW stats tracking website

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Later today, World of Warcraft servers will reset in North America, meaning Liquid will have to re-clear the Sepulcher of the First Ones and catch up to where they previously left off in the raid in order to continue their progression. Echo will have until tomorrow, when WoW servers reset in Europe, to make progress on the next boss in the Sepulcher, Anduin Wrynn. 

Only two guilds in the world have taken down the first six bosses of Sepulcher heading into the first reset cycle of the race. For reference, the previous World First race for the Sanctum of Domination raid saw Echo and Liquid (then Complexity Limit) coming within mere percentage points of completing the raid when the first reset approached. 
The Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First is expected to last throughout the remainder of this week and can be seen on teams’ individual Twitch channels