4 potential WoW plotlines we want to see come true before Dragonflight ends

WoW Dragonflght's story is getting spicy.

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We’re only five months into the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, and the possibilities for the game’s story are already traveling in countless directions. WoW’s story is richer than ever, with endless side quests available to supplement an already-expansive campaign.

In the first few months of the expansion alone, a great number of storylines have been explored, with even more set up for the future. The individual stories of the Dragon Isles’ factions have been accompanied by the stories of the five Dragonflights, and beyond them, the lore of Azeroth and WoW as a whole are being delved into like they haven’t been in years. 

With branching storylines already sprouting up all over this WoW expansion, the possibilities for where this story is going to go are infinite. Here are four plotlines we think could play out in their entirety before Dragonflight wraps up for good. 

Nozdormu becomes Murozond

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This one feels like a slam dunk. The Infinite Dragon Aspect Murozond has been a force in WoW ever since he was first introduced in Patch 4.3 all the way back in 2011, and in the Dragonflight campaign, it was teased with a heavy hand that Murozond’s arrival was imminent. Murozond (an anagram for the name of the Bronze Aspect Nozdormu) is a twisted version of Nozdormu that falls victim to the schemes of the Infinite Dragonflight, one of the main villains of Dragonflight’s first phase. 

At the end of the Dragonflight leveling experience, Nozdormu battles Eternus, who attempts to corrupt the aspect and turn him into Murozond. Although Eternus fails, she vows to return and finish the job. Nozdormu accepts that he cannot escape fate and realizes that he will become the Infinite Dragon Aspect one day.

Whether or not this will happen towards the end of Dragonflight remains to be seen, but all of the cards are on the table for this plotline to come to fruition. 

Crowning a Black Dragon Aspect

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When Sabellion was reintroduced to the game’s story at the start of Dragonflight, a feud between him and Wrathion, the two heirs to the Black Dragonflight, was set in motion. The two dragons have held a tense alliance throughout the first phase of the expansion, and it’s likely that their relationship is going to take a turn for the more hostile quite soon. Only one of them can be named the Black Dragon Aspect and take the position once held by their father, Neltharion, at the Seat of the Aspects. 

Some sort of payoff should be expected to occur sometime soon, as the game’s next major content patch is titled Embers of Neltharion. It would be a genuine surprise if the two remaining sons of Neltharion don’t see their conflict resolved in some fashion in the upcoming patch. 

The journey to Avaloren

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The other side of Azeroth has been an ever-present point of exploration for WoW’s plot, but in Dragonflight, it’s feeling more and more possible that we may actually end up sailing to the other side of the world, to the heretical continent of Avaloren. It’s there that those who sought to reject the will of the Titans found safe haven and were able to fend off attacks from Odyn. 

Avaloren has been teased numerous times throughout the expansion, most notably in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon, where the continent is name-dropped, and a potential venture there is deemed an unwise decision. With the Titans playing such a major role in the lore and story of the Dragon Isles, it wouldn’t be surprising to see players uncover a zone that directly deals with their intentions and adversaries. 

The return of the Old Golds

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All signs are pointing towards the game’s next raid, Aberrus, serving as the starting block for a potential deep dive into the Void. The raid’s final encounter takes place in a room that’s eerily reminiscent of the Void, while Scalecommander Sarkareth (the raid’s final boss) himself has been teased as having connections to the Old Gods. With all five of the Old Gods—C’Thun, G’Huun, N’Zoth, Y’Shaarj, and Yogg-Saron—all having been canonically defeated in-game, it’s unlikely that they’d return directly, and instead would appear by way of a vessel. 

Still, the presence of the Old Gods can be found across all of Azeroth. As corroborators with the Infinite Dragonflight, and direct enemies of the Titans, the Old Gods already have an impact on the Dragon Isles, even if they aren’t present in an overarching sense. 


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