Zedd pulls off a crazy ace in VALORANT

Zedd turns up the heat.

Image via Riot Games

It looks like the talented DJ Zedd has been practicing his shooting skills in Riot’s new tactical shooter VALORANT in his free time.

The artist shared a clip of his Raze gameplay on Twitter yesterday. He destroyed the attacking team in a matter of seconds, showing what he’s capable of in addition to producing hit songs.

The clip featured Zedd and his teammates, who seemed like they were losing control of the B bombsite on Haven. When his team started its rotation toward the area, Zedd asked them to play passive and bide their time while he went on the offensive.

As the DJ made his way into the site, he charged a Boom Bot, which is essentially a guided missile, to clear his way into B. The attacking team noticed the Boom Bot coming toward them through the smoke and started shooting at it together, possibly with four people.

While the enemy was busy getting rid of Zedd’s Boom Bot, the DJ pulled out a cluster grenade to accompany its trusty minion. Though it’s unclear where the grenade actually landed since Zedd’s view was blocked, it managed to blow up four enemy players, allowing Zedd to freely walk into the site. The round suddenly turned into a five-vs-one situation.

Zedd was also able to spot the final remaining enemy who was standing in a corner, shocked by the loss of their teammates.

Following the play, Zedd did a victory lap outside of the bombsite. “Easy ace, easy ace,” he said while his teammates were jumping around him.

Though Raze is one of the most controversial agents in VALORANT since all of her abilities deal damage and offer nothing to her team in terms of utility, she’s still one of the best characters for solo players. While a team-oriented agent may function better in higher levels of competition, you need to secure frags until you get there.

Raze is arguably the best agent when it comes to clearing bombsites and pushing through objectives purely due to her ability to make space with her explosive abilities.

Zedd is ranked 23rd in the official global DJ rankings, which rank DJs based on their income, social media followings, and fan votes. It looks like he could improve his rank in VALORANT, though, if he keeps up his performance.

VALORANT’s full release is expected to take place this summer.