YaBoiDre fuels Luminosity to a stunning victory over TSM and a VCT Masters One spot

They forgot about Dre.

Screengrab via Luminosity

Luminosity booked their ticket to VCT Masters One today following a 2-0 victory over TSM in the second round of the NA Challengers Three upper bracket.

After wins over the Kooky Koalas and Gen.G, respectively, Luminosity and TSM squared off on TSM’s pick of Ascent to open the series. With the score all tied at 6-6 at halftime, LG went on a tear in their attacking half to steal TSM’s pick, 13-9.

The series turned to LG’s pick, Icebox, where Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond put on an Omen showcase against TSM. He notched 25 kills against only 14 deaths and averaged 177.2 damage per round. Both stats led the server.

Between that and his solid performance on Ascent, he earned MVP honors with a 272 average combat score for the series. On top of that, he ended the series with an impressive 4K. LG won Icebox 13-7.

Earlier in phase one of the VALORANT Champions Tour, LG had the unfortunate distinction of being the only top-four team from Challengers One not to finish top four at Challengers Two. But this setback proved to only be temporary since their spot at Masters is now secured. For YaBoiDre and teammate Kaleb “moose” Jayne, this is a well-earned victory after signing with Luminosity last month following a fantastic trial period.

For TSM, all is not lost, but they’ll now face 100 Thieves in a do-or-die series in the lower bracket. The winner will go to Masters, while the loser will be eliminated.

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