When does VALORANT’s Episode 4, Act 3 start?

A new agent from Turkey will join Riot Games' FPS.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT‘s Episode Four, Act Three will add the new agent Fade to the game while also introducing a new battle pass that contains several weapon skins, player cards, and gun buddies.

Fade is an initiator born in Turkey who not only has the tools to deal with other agents in a straight duel but also has a utility kit that can gather info on the enemy squad and disable a bombsite full of enemies during executes or retakes. Fade’s ultimate is a wave of energy that can go through walls, and that energy creates a trail to the opponents, makes them deaf, and also hits them with a decay damage that lasts 12 seconds.

Along with the addition of Fade, the developers will introduce a number of weapon skins that appeal to a “wide variety of players,” according to Riot Games’ associate producer Laura Baltzer. The battle pass will have three new weapon skin lines. The .SYS skins will focus on red, black, and pink colors, while the Coalition Cobra skins have three color variations and are reminiscent of Viper. The last collection includes the Hue Shift skins, which are mainly purple, gold, and black.

When does VALORANT‘s Episode Four, Act Three arrive?

The Episode Four, Act Three battle pass will be released worldwide on April 27 and players can acquire it for 1,000 VP ($9.99). Those who are not interested in paying for the content can still collect free items included in the battle pass.