VCT Masters Stage 2 Reykjavík player power rankings

Here's a quick breakdown of the players to watch.

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The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík tournament will mark the first time that the best teams in the world will compete in a LAN environment. Each team established itself as the best in their respective regions and feature some of the best players around. But some players stand out more than their opponents. 

Here are our player power rankings for Masters Reykjavík, where we rank the best player from each team based on how they compare to the competition.

10) Sharks Esports prozin

If Shark Esports want to make a decent run in Iceland, they’ll need their duelists to do their job. Wallacy “prozin” Sales has bounced between Raze and Phoenix over the last month and does have the ability to pop off. But his performance is slightly inconsistent. If he’s at the top of his game against NUTURN, though, Shark Esports might send them to the lower bracket.

9) Team Vikings Sacy

Team Vikings went undefeated during the Brazil Challengers Finals, where they beat their Brazilian rivals in Iceland, Shark Esports, twice. The team’s Sova main, Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi, surprisingly leads the team in kills and performance. Sacy dropped 77 kills in Team Vikings’ second match against Shark Esports and went 30-19 in their first series. 

8) KRU Esports Nagz

Juan Pablo “Nagz” Lopez has been with KRU Esports since January and has been there for the team’s highs and lows. The team received a much-needed boost with its latest two members, Joaquín Ignacio “delz1k” Espinoza Soto and Benjamin “bnj” Rabinovich. But Nagz is still one of the team’s most consistent performers and his teammates are there to pick up the slack if needed. Nagz averaged 172.2 damage per round in the last month, according to, and he’s easily one of the deadliest players going to Iceland.

7) X10 Esports Patiphan Chaiwong

X10 Esports are on a 16 win streak and have been led to victory in the last five games by Patiphan. The former Overwatch player has exclusively used Jett since joining the team and consistently leads the squad in kills. His explosive talent will be formidable for any team to handle, including X10 Esports’ first opponent, Team Vikings. 

6) Crazy Raccoon Munchkin

Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom is a former professional Overwatch player who took his talent to VALORANT last March. He found a home with Cloud9 Korea before joining Crazy Raccoon in February. 

Munchkin has been one of the team’s star duelists and has almost exclusively used Raze over the last few months. His performance against Absolute JUPITER helped his team defeat the previously unstoppable team twice before qualifying for Iceland. Version1 will have a tough first match against Crazy Raccoon. 

5) Version1 Penny

Version1 have one of the best storylines coming into Masters Reykjavík. The team entered the tournament as an underdog but managed to fight their way through the entire losers bracket and make it into the grand finals. 

Erik Penny was a crucial part of the team’s success with his incredible plays with Jett. He led V1 in kills in the last three matches at Masters Two and is capable of repeating his performance in Iceland.

4) NUTURN allow

Park “allow” Sang-wook has established himself as one of the best players in Korea and will likely maintain that title on the international stage. Allow helped NUTURN go on an eight-game winning streak leading into Masters Reykjavík, including a dominant win against Vision Strikers. 

On the off chance allow is unable to perform in Iceland, NUTURN still has a talented roster capable of picking up the slack. 

3) Fnatic Derke

Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev is easily one of the best all-around players in Europe who can fill multiple roles with ease. He constantly switches between Jett, Sova, and Sage and is deadly with any agent he selects. Derke immediately proved himself after joining Fnatic just before the EU Challengers Two event and maintained his dominant run through the Challengers Finals. If Derke can consistently perform in Iceland, Fnatic might make a run for the title.

2) Liquid Jamppi

Liquid has one of the best teams in EU, but the addition of Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen has provided the extra push needed for them to reach the top. Jamppi is a former Finnish CS:GO player whose talent easily translated into VALORANT. He pulled off incredible plays during the Challengers Finals and is an excellent addition to the already stacked roster. 

1) Sentinels TenZ

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo retired in January after a lackluster start with Cloud9 Blue despite being one of the best players in North America. But after Sinatraa was suspended just before the VCT Masters One tournament, TenZ found a new opportunity for success.

TenZ and Sentinels immediately dominated the region and won Masters One without losing a series. The talented player’s incredible gun skill and finesse have helped the team maintain their spot at the top of NA and easily secure a place at Masters Reykjavík. This is also the first time TenZ will compete with Sentinels on LAN, which could provide even more of an edge.

VCT Masters Stage Two Reykjavík begins on May 24.

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