VALORANT skin collection Protocol 781-A leaks ahead of Episode 4

Riot may need to call a plumber at this point.

Image via Riot Games

It’s virtually impossible for new VALORANT content to get released without being leaked first. And, of course, it’s happened again with the Protocol 781-A weapon skin collection leaking ahead of the launch of Episode Four.

Images from the new futuristic-looking weapon skin bundle have appeared online, most notably on the widely followed @ValorLeaks Twitter account. In addition to an image of the bundle’s listing on the in-game store, the account has shared images of some of the individual weapons, including both the Phantom and the Bulldog.

Both of those reveal that this collection features skins with different color variants and up to five levels of cosmetic upgrades, all of which are unlocked using Radianite earned from reaching tiers in the battle pass. Those include a VFX upgrade, an animation, a finisher, and even a localized voice over, which indicates that perhaps these weapons will talk to you when you use them.

The bundle image shows that the collection will include skins for the Phantom, Bulldog, Spectre, Sheriff, and knife. No official price is listed yet, nor is there any indication that any individual items will be unlockable via the battle pass.

The leaks were accompanied by an official teaser from the VALORANT Twitter, showing a menacing-looking robotic sentry shooting out a screen advertising the popular Glitchpop collection. The sentry fires laser bolts in the teaser, perhaps indicating that the Protocol 781-A skins’ VFX upgrade might fire lasers.

At the latest, the new Protocol 781-A skin collection will be officially revealed when Episode Four: Disruption begins, which will also see the debut of the new agent, Neon.

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