Meet Neon, VALORANT’s newest electric agent

A new electrifying agent is almost here.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can soon take the fight to their enemies with Neon, the newest agent joining the game with an electrifying ability set. 

Fans got their first detailed look at Neon today in a new cinematic trailer that showcased her personality and exciting new abilities. Neon is a Filipino agent who can outmaneuver and outgun opponents with ease. The trailer shows her dashing past enemies with a sprint ability and she can even slide to escape in gunfights.

The trailer shows her throwing an electric ball that bounces off walls and deals damage to the area it lands. Neon also has an ability similar to Phoenix’s wall, but this ability includes two blue walls that seemingly provide protection on both sides.

Neon’s ultimate ability appears to be an electric power that allows her to shoot electricity from her fingers. It’s unclear how much damage this does, but it looks like a devastating ability that can easily win gunfights.

Players have caught glimpses of Neon for weeks. In December, a blog post gave fans their first look at her shoes, which also hinted at her abilities since a streak of lightning could be seen beneath one of the soles. The VALORANT Prime Gaming loot page also posted an image of Neon early, giving fans an official look at the new agent just ahead of the new year. 

Neon will likely be released with Episode Four later this month.

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