VALORANT players can trap enemies with Yoru’s Dimensional Rift ability

Avoid corners when playing against Yoru.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found multiple ways to use Yoru’s Dimensional Rift ability to their advantage, including trapping enemies in corners until their teammate can finish them off. 

In a recently posted clip, the enemy team was pushing into B site on Bind when a Yoru player decided to move toward them using his ultimate ability to gather intel and try to ruin their advance. They found the final player hiding in the corner and decided to trap them while still invisible and invulnerable. 

The player couldn't move and Yoru’s teammates easily killed them while they were trapped. The team won the round without issue and showed how Yoru’s Dimensional Rift can be used in multiple ways. 

Yoru is the newest agent in VALORANT and players have enjoyed experimenting with the new character. This has led to the discovery of a few bugs, including teleporting beneath the map if his Gatecrash ability is used right before it ends. 

Players have also found multiple line-up spots for the Gatecrash ability that allow Yoru to teleport deep into enemy territory or the enemy spawn. His kit does take a bit of practice to master, but he's an enjoyable agent when used correctly. 

Some players, like Hiko, aren't convinced Yoru will see a lot of use. But the character is still relatively new and will likely receive balancing updates in the future. Yoru can still be used to trap unsuspecting enemies in corners and will be fun to use in unrated at the very least.