Yoru’s Gatecrash ability causes players to teleport beneath the map in VALORANT

So much for teleporting to a safe spot.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT players are encountering a glitch that teleports them under the map when using Yoru’s Gatecrash ability. The bug appears to occur when players use the ability just as it expires. 

Yoru is the newest agent in VALORANT and has a unique ability set that’s perfect for sneaking around or outmaneuvering enemies. But teleporting under the map and instantly dying is a major issue, which is what some players are experiencing. 

A player uploaded a short clip of them using Yoru’s Dimensional Rift to gather information about the enemy team’s movements. They traveled far into enemy territory and used their Gatecrash ability to teleport back to safety. 

The Gatecrash rift tether expired just as the player activated it, which appeared to create a bug that teleported them under the map, resulting in their instant death. 

Other players have experienced the same issue, which appears to happen if the Gatecrash ability is activated when it expires. Some players believe it is caused by where the tether is on the map, but both clips show the bug occurring in different locations. The bug has also been reported on other maps, meaning it is likely related to the ability. 

This is a significant problem since it immediately kills players when they use Gatecrash at the wrong time. Players have already reported the bug to Riot Games, which will likely address the issue in a future update. Yoru players should use the ability earlier in the meantime to avoid falling through the map.